Our accounting systems Tripletex and Xledger are cloud-based. It gives you access to your accounts anytime, anywhere, on the platform that suits you best. PC, tablet or smartphone - your accounts are always available at the touch of a button. Your data has top security and the systems meet high reliability requirements. In addition, you save both time and money with efficient work processes and seamless integrations to your other systems.

With a cloud accounting system, you can easily send travel bills, approve invoices, and have full control of your accounts while on the go.

  • Always updated accounts
  • More efficient document processing
  • Automated routines for payment, invoice, collection and bookkeeping
  • Better stock control
  • Reports at the touch of a button
  • User management and task sharing
  • Integration with your other management systems

Working with your accountant is easy with a cloud-based system. You can do part of the job yourself and leave the rest to us. Or we can take the whole job for you, and enjoy cost-effective accounting services and access to your management data at the touch of a button.

It is also environmentally friendly. Cloud accounting systems eliminate the need to use and store paper.

In Progressum we have chosen the systems we believe are the best in the Norwegian market.