If you let Progressum take care of your Norwegian payroll, you are safe. Payroll and HR are disciplines that are complex and constantly changing. For many businesses, it is demanding and costly to keep up to date, and working with a professional partner can simplify work processes and save costs.

Progressum are experts in Norwegian payroll and HR, and by working with us, you ensure that payroll and personnel management are maintained correctly and efficiently.

By outsourcing payroll and HR you only pay for tasks performed, and this gives both good flexibility and cost efficiency. Especially for businesses in growth it may be demanding to keep up with all administrative tasks, and it is safe to have an always updated professional expert.

Our experts are always up to date on current laws, rules and procedures in Norway. We help you with Norwegian payroll and tax reporting, and can also assist with administrative support.

  • Payroll service
  • Tax reporting
  • Refunds
  • Travel expenses
  • Holiday pay
  • Work agreements
  • Absenteeism and leave of absence
  • Insurance
  • HR advisory and consultation

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