Cloud accounting saves time and money, and contributes to a more profitable business. With Progressum and a cloud ERP system you will always have updated numbers available for your Norwegian business at the touch of a button. Xledger and Tripletex are systems developed in the cloud. It provides optimum flexibility, efficient work processes and easy integration with other systems. We will assist you in selecting and implementing best cloud ERP system for your business.

Always choose an ERP system developed in the cloud!

ERP systems designed and developed in the cloud have better usability and more efficient work processes than conventional systems converted to be cloud-based.

Choose a supplier with specialist knowledge

Progressum is Xledger Partner and Tripletex Partner. With our detailed knowlegde you can be assured that your business get the most out of the solution.

How to choose a cloud ERP system?

The choice of system is probably something you and your business will live with for several years and it is a choice that can affect your work day, your opportunities and your profitability. Progressum helps you choose the system that will work best for your business. We are investigating;

  • What functionality is needed
  • The size of the business and targets for further growth
  • Can any of the existing systems be replaced by the cloud-based system or integrations are needed
  • Desired degree of automation
  • How much or little should you or you work in the system
  • costs
  • Potential for generating increased revenue

Our cloud solutions Tripletex and Xledger have different properties, varying degrees of automation, and different price structures. We give you our recommendation for the choice of system, and a presentation and offer of both options.

Please contact us if you would like a non-binding conversation or demo of Xledger or Tripletex.